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February 24, 2009

Have you ever had a TSS in your classroom?

Filed under: Special Education — San @ 9:42 pm

At the high school level, the presence of a TSS (Therapeutic Staff Support) in the classroom is rare but I have been in a classroom on a few occasions when one student had a TSS. Have you ever had a TSS in your classroom? What were your impressions?

I found one good link so far titled “The Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) in the School” .  It lists do’s and don’t-s as well as the role of the school.  How does this list compare with your experience of TSS in the classroom?

I’d also like to know if you, the teacher, had any information/training/orientation about having a TSS in your classroom before the TSS arrived in your classroom?  Some school districts are very good about this and some are not.  If you would like information about TSS as in its history, forms, what to expect, what your school needs to inform the TSS, and other such topics, a good document which I found by Allegheny Intermediate Unit (PA) is titled “A Toolkit for Effective Collaboration between Schools and Mental Health Agencies providing Therapeutic Staff Support.”

If you’re a teacher in PA, here is the link for the PA school code Basic Education Circular about behavioral support obligations.


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