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January 29, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

Just south of the Mason-Dixon line, in Maryland, Frederick County Board of Education is considering eliminating school closings for elementary parent-teacher conferences, according to an article I read today.   Apparently other counties in Maryland have already cut back on the number of parent teacher conference days on the school calendar. I’m not an elementary teacher but was curious what other educators thought of the idea and/or about parent teacher conferences, what works for you.

As a school counselor, one of my favorite forms to use to help teachers prepare for parent-teacher conferences (PTC) is the “Parent-Conference Preparation Guide” by Glencoe.  In fact, I shared it with a colleague of mine who was wishing that PTCs were not always so focused on what the student does wrong.  That’s what I love about this form.  It not only has a section for student strengths, but also a place to note suggestions for improvement.

So what works for you at PTCs?


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